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Spring Making Machine

Model no. SM096

Spring making machine enjoys many advantages including more reasonable structure, more compact appearance, smoother operating, higher efficiency and is easy to operate and maintain. Spring making machine has wide adoptablity.

Main machine systems

This universal automatic spring coiling machine is suitable to make left or right hand coiled springs of the compression type, with closed end coils, Cylindrical tapered or double tapered and other shaped spring.


Feeding system                                                                Spaning system

Wire is inserted to the feed rolls through the straightening unit. Pressure on the wire is adjusted by manual screwing of individual feed rolls, the R.P.M. of the feed rolls can be set through gear box.

Coiling system                                                               Cutting system

An inching arrangement is provided for easy setting of the machine during cut off operation. Feed rolls get automatically stopped to protect the machine from overloading.

Tapering system


General specifications:

  1. Cylindrical compression springs making machine

  2. Diameter of steel wire : 3 - 8mm

  3. Diameter of spring: 8 -130mm

  4. Productivity: 6 - 20 pieces per minute

  5. Winding left and right

  6. Spring free length up to 150mm

  7. Electric machine power: 3kw

  8. Dimensions (mm) : 1200x900x1500

  9. Machine weight 900 kg



Main assembly