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Wire Drawing Machine

Model no.  WD074

Wire drawing machine is stepped cone type suitable for drawing non-ferrous metals like Aluminium and Copper using a numbers of dies in tandem. The machines have horizontally mounted stepped capstans which is hardened and ground finished. The drive to individual capstan shaft is provided through Helical Gears. The gear train is housed in steel fabricated solid body and is oil immersed for smooth running. The die holders are adjustable and are provided between each capstan unit. Separate pipeline is provided over each die for forced lubrication and cleaning of dies.


The wire drawing machines are used to draw high, medium and low carbon steel, as well as copper, aluminum, and alloy. The wire drawing machines are often applied to draw wires in nail making factories, wire steel factories, and metal mesh factories, etc. the wire drawing machine is consisted of main reduction box, die casting, wheel frame, wire brace and electrical control system

Compared with other Dry type wire drawing machine, our Dry type wire drawing machine enjoys many advantages including: more reasonable structure, more compact appearance, smoother operating, higher efficiency and is easy to operate and maintain.


Technical Specifications:

No. of Drafts


Drawing Capstan Dia

400 mm

Inlet Aluminium wire

8 mm

Inlet Copper wire

8 mm

Finished Wire

1.00 to 4.00 mm

Drawing Final Speed

100 m/min

HP Required

25 hp

Reduction Area

20 to 30%

Type of Machine

Slip Type

No. of Dies

10 Dies

Average partial compressibility

29 %

Capstan speed

70~120 r.p.m

Wire drawing line speed

1.8 m/s


4400 x 1000 x 600 mm


1400  kg