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Tube End Expander

Model no.  TEE070

The  Tube End Expander machine gives you the shapes you need, The machine  has no heating, hence this is purely a cold process. Less power consumption and highly suitable for industries engaged tubes mass production of expanded parts/components.


Externally rigid Construction
Excellent finishes & accuracy
Fast Set-up & Change over.

There is an emergency shut off switch.

Universal tooling for expanding or reducing

Universal jaws for conversion to ram forming

Simple mechanical adjustment for reliable setup

Total access design for easy maintenance

This tubing expander has 64 ton of expanding power.

Tube expanding capacity is from 1/2" up to 14" ID

Collet Holder for 1/2" up to 15" OD tubing.

Repeatability: 0.1mm on the diameter
Tooling style: quick change, no tools required
Max. Pressure: 3000 psi
Expand time: 3 seconds
Drop-in tooling, quick change
Dual palm switches for safe operation

Clear safety guards for increased protection during all operations. 

Great for end forming mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, black pipe, tubing, and tube.

Performs metalworking press operations
Square and rectangular tooling available


The Low Hydraulic system is designed as per international practices & assembled with internationally reputed . valves are mounted on a specially designed compact manifold block minimising piping & chances of leakage. Double sealing arrangement prevents scratching of bore in case of seal failure & back up seal offers additional sealing enabling to use machine for some time at a little pressure drop while awaiting seal replacements, thus avoiding downtime.

Efficient 8" diameter hydraulic cylinder

The cylinder assembly is complete , Seals set including piston seals, wiper seals, 'O'- rings, & Rod seals to give leakproof operation, Ram is hardchrome plated to give longer seal life & Corrosion resistance. Seamless honed barrel (steel) will be used to give longer seal life.
The machine features a powerful 5 HP motor, single phase (30 amp),  Power requirement is 240 Volt, 60 hertz supply. Other voltages available. 
The machine can handle a variety of jobs involving reduction, expansion, beading, cone/ cup formation etc.
These machines are compact & need less floor space, controlled by PLC.


The power pack consists of a Hydraulic Pump driven by electric motor. The pump is capable of developing a pressure of 206 kg/cm.sq. The pack is designed taking into account all hydraulic and service requirements.