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Pre heating Furnace

Model no.  PHF111


Pre-heat oven is used in raising the temperature before the casting process of restructuring in addition it is used in a heating of metal alloys in solid state and keep it at a constant temperature until it is cooled for the purpose of changing the condition of its (Microstructure) and giving it the natural and mechanical properties required by the heat treatment.

  1.  Technical Specifications:

  2. The furnace is made of high-quality steel plates thickness 4 mm.

  3. External dimensions of the furnace are 2 m. 1.4 m 1.25 m.

  4. The oven internally is divided into 3 equal parts in volume.

  5. The oven door is opened hydraulically by hydraulic cylinders.

  6. The oven wall is Consists of two layers of steel wall thickness 4 mm thick between the two layers 4 cm of insulating material and covered internally by layer of Temperature bricks 7 cm thick.

  7. The oven controlled by the control panel includes the standard components such as (Thermostat-Timers-the keys to the operation- bulb statement).

  8. The oven contains about 25 heaters to reach to the required temperature.

  9. The thermostat is connects and disconnect access automatically when the oven reach to the required temperature.

  10. The furnace is loaded on a robust base for easy transportation and movement.

  11. Weight of the oven is about 3.5 tons.

  12. The oven is painted by two layers of paint that Corrosion-resistant and painted externally by two layers with required color.

  13. Electric power consumption is 30 kilowatt / hour.