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Steel Slitter

Model no. SS037


General Features :

(1) Material: 1250mm width, thickness(0.35~2.5mm), Strengh<=G235
(2) Coil O. D: (Outside diameter of coil): 1000~1400mm
(3) Coil I. D (Inside diameter of coil): 400mm
(4) Loading capacity of Simple decoiler machine(feeding in machine): 5T;
(5) Loading capacity of receiving decoiler(feeding out machine): 5T;
(6) Tolerance of catercorner: +_ 2mm/2m;
(7) Working Speed: : 15~20m/minute;
(8) General Power of machine: 11 KW;
(9) Electrical control system: PLC;
(10) Dimension: About 1400mmx2400mmx(length);
(11) Weight of machine: About 7 tons;
(12) Material applicable: G330, or G200, galvanized and colored coil.